Convert your riskiest assumptions into testable hypotheses.

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What is this for?

Translate your riskiest assumption into a hypothesis, a statement that is testable.

Formulate your hypothesis in a waterproof way.

Hypothesis Structure: If we do X, Then Y% of the target audience will behave in way Z

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Step-By-Step Guide

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Pick your riskiest assumption.

Define the X-variable. What action are you going to take to test this assumption? Write down your specific repeatable action. 

Define the Y variable. Make sure you vanity check your metric. Be as specific as possible when it comes to your target audience.

Define the Z-variable. What action does your target audience have to take in order for this experiment to be a success? What is the expected measurable action?

Write down your leading indicators. What are the metrics you can track that represent necessary actions to achieve our success goal?


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