Idea Card

Have an overview of your concept by summarising your insights and sharpening your idea with this one-pager.

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What is this for?

Do you have a great business idea for a product or service? The idea card will help you:

Create a concept overview by summarising all relevant insights that led up to this idea.

Ask the hard questions so you can be sure you've thought this through. What problem are you solving? What solution are you offering? How are you going to be viable? 

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Step-By-Step Guide

Download this pdf.

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Answer the question: Who is this product for? Make sure to describe your customer with as much detail as possible. 

Continue filling out the template by answering the question: What customer problem are you solving? Write down your problem statement plus all relevant insights that have helped create this concept. 

What product/service you're going to offer? is the next question you need to answer. Time to give a high level description of the solution you want offer the customer. 

Write down your first revenue model you've come up with by answering the question: How are you going to make money? The purpose here is to give you some idea about the viability of your product or service, not to have the all the financials down to the last cent.

Note down how radical you think your concept is. This will give you a good view on possible blocker or hurdles you'll have to overcome in a later stage.


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