Learn how to validate your next business idea

Can you turn your idea into a viable business? This eBook will help you answer that question by guiding you through the validation process.  Learn how to run business experiments to test your hypothesis and de-risk your investments.  


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Who is this eBook for?

     Corporate Innovators

Speed up your innovation efforts. Say goodbye to long “build, measure, learn” cycles and start building in public from day one. Start experimenting & capture real-world evidence to strengthen the business case of your next idea.


  Startup/Venture teams

Find the right solution for the problem you want to solve. De-risk your idea by investigating its viability. In this e-book, you’ll get some industry best practices going beyond side hustling. This e-book should help you build your first MVP.


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What's inside this eBook

This eBook is filled with use cases, tools and tips to test your next big idea. It's a complete introduction to business validation, where we'll show you the mindset needed to run experiments. We'll guide you through the validation process so you can start making decisions based on evidence.

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You will get:

A complete breakdown of the validation process so you can start testing your business idea tomorrow

The experiment design fundamentals to ensure you're running measurable experiments   

No-code tools that will allow you to save resources whilst accelerating your speed to market

Usefull templates to help you structure your validation efforts and meaure progress

Tons of learnings we gathered over the years working for Fortune 500 companies

Over 300 downloads in less than a week!

"This eBook really demonstrated to me how you can design businesses with rapid testing. The eBook was packed with valuable resources and tools. Really happy I joined the validation community."

Coen Borren

Innovation and Service Design Consultant at ING

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