Value Proposition


Quickly shape alternative directions for your value proposition. 

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What is this for?

Ensure that there is a fit between your product or service idea and the market.

Pinpoint how exactly you are going to create value.

Make your value proposition more concrete by summarising your proposition into one sentence. 

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Step-By-Step Guide

Download this pdf.

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Start filling out the template line by line. The first question you need to answer is: "What product or service are you offering?"  

Tip: Having your value proposition canvas in front of you will help you a lot.

To who are you offering your solution? Who is your target audience? Write down the answer.

What is the customer's desired outcome? What is the job they're trying to get done? These questions will help you answer the question: "Who wants to..."

What customer pains are you resolving and what gains are you creating with your product or service? 

Write down what sets you apart from your direct or indirect competitors.


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